A L!f3 @s Me

LOVE is something that people say when they have strong feelings for you but some people use it in the wrong way sometimes and just use it to get what they want on the other half here is my LOVE GONE WRONG

roses are red violets are blue you told me you loved me and i thought it was the truth

the sky is blue your eyes are brown i love you to what’s wrong now

he said he loved me right i know he was telling the truth. he looked me in my eyes i know it was true.

just the other day my clothes were taken away but that was the last day he told me loved me. but come to mind that was the only time he told me he loved me..

my rose is no longer red the sky is no longer blue i cant believed he lied to me but it seemed so true.

i cried and cried for as long as i could….

Legs.Open.Very.Easily was his definition of love and i feel for it and i gave it all up.

love is nothing but a word to me now the next time a dude tell me he love me i will say go sit down CLOWN NOT FALLNG FOR IT…

A breath of fresh air

An breath of fresh air is all i need right now just when i thought i wanted to grow up and move out and be on my own i just now realize that i still want to be a teenager still life is stressfull specially when you make everyone think that you could do it on your own. but when you need help you don’t know how to ask the people that you actually need help from you don’t know how to really ask them

Take your time to grow up don’t tell people you don’t need then for anything because you will one day need then for every thing. don’t rush to grow up let time grow you up because when you finally there it may feel good to do things you finally wanted to always do but its no actually fun when you have to grown up things.

Saying No

Don’t let someone tell you so don’t let someone let you know that they can’t let you go because if they treat you wrong its okay to let go and say NO….

No one especially a man or a boy break your heart your heart is precious it deserve to be treated like a new born baby being brought into the world words from a wise girl

Act like a women but think like a man….

What a world

What a world where people you love treat you like dirt when the people you hate treat you how you suppose to be treated by the people that love you. What a world were no one knows the real you but judges you because how you look on the outside.

What a world were you can easily lose someone that you really love and they will never come back no way no how thats just how the world is. what a world were one of your friends can be your worst enemy and you will never know because they will hide behind a smile and hug you but when you finally see then hugging you a mirror its actually them stabbing you in the back with an evil look on there face.

What a world when you thought you had friends but their really a part-time friend there only there temporarily not there all the time. what a world i say but this is my world but this might be your world as well all i can say is WHAT A WORLD THAT WE LIVE IN…


Cr@zy Me

life as me is crazy the feeling i get from you is crazy everytime i see you i know go crazy 

One thing that i us that life without you would be crazzy no matter what you say or what you do or how many times we get into it there is no other feeling that makes me want to go away never ever feels that way 

my first blog


so today our English teacher told us that we have to start a blog. wow this will be so much fun. i’m blogging about Law and Ordre SVU. my all time favorite show on USA. there is a marathon on every Tuesday. i’m not sure if she wants us to blog every day but i’ll try to. i think this is good for my first blog ever. 

I know right who would ever thought she would do this

A crazy school life

The day u walk into school and u realize what you thought match really doesn’t when u get to school but only realize when you get to school